NYAA Torrents Down: Top 3 Anime Torrent Site Alternatives

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Anime fans are now at a loss after NYAA torrent site has closed down some of its domains. The site was a known source for downloading anime episodes for free albeit being unofficial and technically illegal in some countries. To help cope with the loss, here are some top 3 alternatives for NYAA Torrents.

Streaming Sites

Even though these sites are technically free and as Piracy-inclined as torrents, streaming sites are obvious substitutes for your anime needs. The only difference is faster loading of videos, which is a big deal as it can get annoying if it buffers mid-episode. As for the sites, you’ll have to find them on your own.

Official Sites

Official streaming sites like Crunchyroll, and Funimation could help you out. These sites promise high video quality, provide subtitled and localized versions, and new episodes releases as close to its airing on Japan. However, the better quality comes with a subscription fee which makes any fan think twice on spending money for anime.

DVD Releases

Alternatively, anime fans can wait for the DVD releases of their favorite series. These DVDs promise polished quality but are usually released extremely late after the series is over. Lastly, the DVDs don’t always have subtitles or dubbing which could be difficult for fans who don’t speak the language.

NYAA Is Down

According to TorrentFreak, NYAA has disabled many of its accessible domains right now. The lack of access to the site could be frustrating to the regulars of this service. If you still want to keep torrenting anime, looking elsewhere or waiting for them return is your only choice if you’re not giving up. Reddit User iBzotaku mentions some alternative sites but only try these sites at your own risk.

Online Anime Piracy And Supporting The Industry

The Internet has many mirror links or groups willing to share their anime stashes that exist throughout the world. However, finding them is up to you as it is illegal but not necessarily shady. In a weird way, Piracy allows more accessibility to the anime series but hurts the creator’s revenue. Even though it’s good for the audience, it places animation companies in unhealthy financial situations if kept long enough.

The shows gain more attention but don’t necessarily directly gain anything as they earn no money from the fans. If you really want to see your favorite series get more seasons or have good animation consistency, support them through buying official items and services. This way, you can show your support and reward those companies to continue doing more anime shows.

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