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Nvidia Working on Hybrid PC / Android Platform Gaming Device ? Report

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Graphics unit manufacturer Nvidia is reportedly to be launching a new gaming device that will run games in both Android and PC platforms.

According to a BBC report, the device can link up to a PC?s graphics card unit and ?transfer? its processing power to the device. The console can run both high-end PC games and Android Apps and can also stream PC games to the TV via its HDMI-out port.

Analysts though are skeptical of the upcoming device. They believe that it will follow the path of another of Nvidia?s handheld consoles, the Shield, which didn?t make the big break in the market last year.

?I think it?s fair to say that the Shield sold reasonably poor,? says Ed Barton, a games industry analyst who has seen the device. ?And if the new device requires your PC to have a relatively new Nvidia GPU to make use of its abilities, that will really limit its addressable market.?

We believe so, too. The idea of linking a device to your own PC before being able to utilize its full capabilities doesn?t sound too attractive for consumers. Users want their devices on-the-go, rather than ?charging? the processing power of the device.

However, the new device will be using the Nvidia?s newest Tegra K1 chip that will enable the device to run Android games natively. Tegra K1 is Nvidia?s most advanced mobile processing unit that can play the most advanced games in the market. This now sounds more of a stunt from Nvidia to showcase their new technology.

Another games analyst, Nick Parker, mentions that the new device is just a lab test for the firm to understand the market.

?There are another number of devices that have tried to extend the Android mobile gaming experience, but experience has shown that people above a young age seem happier to play on a standard smartphone or tablet rather than multiple devices,? he said.

However, he does speculate that the new device from Nvidia is just a lab experiment for the firm to help understand the Android gaming market. Rather than selling the device, Nvidia would be more interested in obtaining feedback and see the portable viability of the Android Apps, Parker says.

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