NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet Ships Today

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NVIDIA?s latest gaming tablet NVIDIA Shield is out now. NVIDIA announced today that the portable device is now available and ready to be shipped starting at $299.

NVIDIA officially announced and introduced the SHIELD just last week. The tablet is the latest addition to NVIDIA?s line of gaming portable devices. The SHIELD runs on the Tegra K1 chip, which is the company?s most advanced mobile processor. The chip boasts 192 dedicated graphic cores that allow it to run the industry?s most advanced gaming engines such as the Unreal Game Engine 4.

?The Ultimate Tablet for Gamers? as NVIDIA calls it; the tablet features an 8-inch HD display on which you can enjoy playing the most graphic-intesive games on the market. The SHIELD is the world?s first tablet to have Twitch integration which allows you to stream games directly to Aside from games, you can also use it to watch 1080p movies on NetFlix. A stylus with real-time 3D painting software is also included in the package which is designed for graphic artists. It comes with up to 32GB of built-in storage and a microSD slot if you wish to add more.

The tablet also comes with the SHIELD wireless controller specially designed for Android and PC gaming. It uses a direct Wi-Fi connection and has a built-in microphone which can be used to command your tablet to run apps. The controller can be bought separately for $59 but you can buy it along with the SHIELD tablet for just an additional $39.

Currently, the Wi-Fi 16GB version is available for shipping. The LTE/Wi-Fi 32GB versions will soon be available.

The SHIELD is only available in the United States and Canada as of the moment. Release for Europe, Asia and the rest of the world will be coming later this year although NVIDIA did not give any specific details.

The SHIELD and the wireless controller can be ordered at the?NVIDIA Shield website, Amazon, Best Buy, Fry?s Electronics, GameStop, Micro Center, Newegg and Tiger Direct in the US, and at Canada Computers, Memory Express, NCIX and ThinkGeek in Canada. In Europe, the SHIELD is also now available for pre-ordering in many top e-tailers.

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