Nvidia Eyeing a Comeback with Half-Life 2 and Portal

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Nvidia is looking to make a comeback with their Nvidia Shield by offering exclusive content for their Android device like Half-Life 2 and Portal, two of the most popular classic games that Valve has to offer. Nvidia has been working closely with Valve and has their guidance and blessing to port these popular titles on to their device. Nvidia has obviously worked hard so these titles will all be Nvidia Shield exclusive and should entice fans to possibly buy the console just to be able to play these games.

Some fans who don?t have the device but love the game may be disappointed but not all hope is lost as previous announcements have suggested that Portal, at the very least, may make it to other Android devices eventually.

If you love the games that much though, you could always opt to just buy the Nvidia Shield. The device has gotten a really steep discount compared to its original price tag of $299 as it now costs $199. It?s a really good deal as the device is slowly but surely making a case for itself as one of the most powerful and versatile mobile gaming devices in the market.

This announcement comes at a time when critics are lobbying for Nintendo to bring their mobile IP to popular mobile operating systems like iOS and Android although Nvidia is consistently continuing to build out their library of titles to make it available to their Android based device. Initial criticisms about an Android console were that it comes with too many compromises. Nvidia seems to think otherwise and has been steadily proving that even great games like Half-Life 2 and Portal can be ported to an Android device without any compromises.

Both Half-Life 2 and Portal are great games and are perfect for Nvidia to lobby their Android device to the public. Although the games were released quite a while back, that doesn?t take away from the fun and enjoyment they provide and can appeal to both old and new generations of gamers. The two games will cost $10 each on the Play Store.

Photo Source: Nvidia Shield website

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