Nurture your children’s creativity and imagination with this play kitchen

It is as gorgeous as it is safe!

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  • Dimensions: 26" H x 30" W x 13" D
  • Countertop height is 22"
  • Interactive Features
    • Extra-large oven with pull-down door
    • Under-sink cabinet with shelf
    • Hooks on side of the cabinet
    • Turning knobs
    • Four burners
    • Center grill or cutting board
    • Spacious farmhouse sink
    • Safety magnetic closures

The Milton & Goose Essential Play Kitchen is a great tool to hone your children’s creativity and imagination. It can also help create the perfect bonding opportunities for you and your little ones as they whip up original recipes or try to bag first place in a make-believe cooking competition! 

Aside from being the perfect canvas for imaginative play, this solid piece is as gorgeous as it is safe. It is expertly crafted by Amish artisans in the USA from sustainable Baltic birch and solid North American maple, topped with non-toxic, low-VOC, and HAPs-free finishes. Just imagine how aesthetic it would look in your nursery! You can actually place it anywhere in your house, wherever your kids love to play, and it will still look neat.

This adorable play kitchen has interactive features that are designed to mimic a real-life kitchen. It has an extra-large oven with a pull-down door, turning knobs, four burners, a center grill or cutting board, and a spacious farmhouse sink. These features create an awesome and productive bonding/teaching experience. If your child loves watching you cook, they can now follow you and “participate” with their very own kitchen. Plus, it will keep them busy while you do other things, like prepare for dinner. 😉

It also has an under-sink cabinet and hooks on the side for extra storage and magnetic closures to keep doors securely in place. You can store their toy pans and ingredients in there and hang some towels! This way, you can also teach them to organize their stuff and keep their area clean.