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Nuka Cola Quantum: Where To Get Them Before Stocks Sold Out

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Thanks to the hype of Fallout 4, the then limited edition Nuka Cola might be getting more.

After announcing about the Nuka Cola Quantum drink, a special tie-in promotion for Fallout 4, where it creates one of the iconic drinks in the game into a real drink. Produced by Jones Soda Co., the Nuka Cola drink was launched as a limited edition item as part of the retail release of Fallout 4 and is only available exclusively at Target, unfortunately the drink was very limited.

Some people are complaining that the limited edition drink only has one or two cases per store, where it went out of stock almost immediately, there were not even any purchase limit to the customers, where some just hoard the drinks right away. There were even complaints from the community that certain Target employees are hoarding the items and then selling it on eBay at a very high price. You can read the discussion about that issue on the Reddit thread. This even caused some to forward their complaint to the Jones Soda Facebook page

Due to the complaints from consumers, Jones Soda Co. acknowledged the issue and has responded with a statement: “Nuka Cola was developed to be an exclusive limited edition item,” it wrote. “While we?re very excited by the response to the program, we recognize that the demand far exceeded everyone?s expectations, and we will be working closely with everyone involved to try and expand the program and bring you more.”

Hopefully this would help ease the complaints and provide new stocks of the drink so everyone will have a fair chance of getting those Nuka Cola Quantums, as Fallout 4 is getting more attention since its release day and is available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Meanwhile, there is also a limited edition Fallout beer being sold in the UK.


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