For The Nth Time: Is Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton Pregnant or Not?

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Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton is pregnant? Multiple sources have claimed that Kate is already conceiving. A rumor says Prince George and Kate Middleton are likely to follow Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden who recently welcomed a baby boy.

According to Celebrity Laundry, Princess Victoria of Sweden gave birth to Prince Oscar on March 2. Soon after that, Prince Daniel called a press conference whereas King Carl revealed baby?s name during a cabinet meeting. The royal family hosted a special religious ceremony which was attended by many noble people. Because of all these, the royal couple of Sweden grabbed the attention.

Usually, Princess Kate is the one who always hits the headline. Now someone else has taken her place. Of course! She will do something. Is she waiting to announce her pregnancy? Kate may have to announce pregnancy as soon as possible because Princess Sofia is expecting a baby in April. Media and royal family followers will be busy in checking out news about Princess Sofia. ?

Kate’s Plans For Third Kid

Kate?s parents also have three children. The Duchess has reportedly told friends she would like to have three kids. Because it would give a better family environment to Prince George and Princess Charlotte, according to Telegraph. ?

It’s also reported ?that Prince Kate is pregnant with twin girls! The Hollywood Gossip has cited a source saying one among the twins will be named ?Diana?. Prince George and Princess Kate are likely to get out of Kensington palace soon. ?

?They?ve always sworn they didn?t want their children being raised by nannies, And although they know that having twins will make it harder for them to handle the night feedings and diaper changes, they?ve vowed to do their best,? a source said. Kate did not feel the morning sickness after giving birth to Princess Charlotte. This might boost her confidence. ??It?s a completely new experience for her. She?s been able to carry on with her royal duties seamlessly, as well as looking after George and Charlotte, something she wouldn?t have been able to do if she was doubled up [with nausea],? an insider told.

Do you feel Kate Middleton will not be affected by her third pregnancy?

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