Now you can speak freely and clearly on the phone in public, even with a face mask on

“This face mask has built-in earbuds that make it easy to answer calls or listen to music when you’re on the go. “

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Can you imagine how hard it is nowadays to talk to the phone with a face mask when you’re out doing errands? Well, MaskFone might be the first one to solve that problem.

MaskFone is a wearable tech that combines a face mask and wireless earbuds, so you can freely talk on the phone or listen to music while protecting yourself from the virus. Now you can listen to music without stressing your ears with multiple strings or connect your phone (with a Hubble Connect app installed) to this mask and have crystal-clear phone conversations.

We’ve struggled long enough to live with the virus, but now we have technologies like the MaskFone that can help us thrive in this uncertainty.