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Now That Fallout 4 Has Been Released, What Will Happen To Fallout Shelter? Surprise! New Updates To Watch Out For Soon!

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To celebrate Thanksgiving, Bethesda is providing a game update for their Fallout mobile game.

For those who are still playing the Fallout Shelter game, hurray for you, just in case you missed it, Fallout 4 is already available for the PC and home consoles. But in case you playing both games, then you are a hardcore fellow. Just recently Bethesda has announced the new update for the mobile as part of the Thanskgiving celebration.

Just like in the previous Halloween game update, Fallout Shelter will have special themes on their Vaults. Though it is not much of a surprise as Fallout Shelter was still being downloaded on the iOS and Android, so it is not a surprise if Bethesda continues to provide some game updates in the game.

You Vault will now have turkeys on their Diners and your dwellers will be wearing Pilgrim outfits to match the upcoming holidays. There would be also some decorations in the Living Quarters or even on some of the rooms inside the Vault. So far there were no patch notes being posted on the Fallout forums.

Most likely we will also be seeing Christmas themed updates in the coming weeks and we are not sure on what plans Bethesda have for Fallout Shelter, most likely they might add new features in the future once there will be new DLCs arriving for Fallout 4. Though the game may have mixed reactions from critics and fans for having less depth in the game or the use of unnecessary micro-transactions, there are still gamers who are playing the game either as a past time or just simple to have fun.

Fallout Shelter is available for free for the Android and iOS, you can download them on your Google Play or Apple App Store. Fallout 4 is also available for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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