?Now You See Me 2′ DVD Release Date; Director Jon Chu Exclusive Interview

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Now You See Me 2 DVD release date was confirmed to be on September 6, 2016. By then, fans can expect to enjoy the whole movie and a bunch of amazing goodies. Right now, the film is available on Digital HD with a preview already out.

Fans of its predecessor, Now You See Me, can follow the story with its second installment. Although Now you See Me 2 did not beat its predecessor?s $351 million box office earnings, it came close with $312 million. To mention that it did well in theatres is a safe thing to say and fans would certainly want more as the major motion picture is no longer being run.

Jon Chu, director of Now you See Me 2, recently discussed some interesting facts about the movie in one of his interviews. Chu shared what it was like directing the film and how the set was.

According to Chu, he was a huge fan of the first movie and he loves the concept of the franchise itself. The director shared that the set was actually fun and all the cast had to work 10 times harder. He also assured that the audience feels the reality of it with its great cast and chemistry.

Chu also revealed that they have different magicians coming in and out. Fans will also get to see the amount of work that all the cast and crew have put on the film when it is finally released on Blue-ray and DVD.

To get more ideas about what you?ll be getting from the Now You See Me 2 DVD, check out Chu?s full interview here.

Aside from a fascinating plotline, fans also loved to see actor and cinematic legend, Michael Caine?s return to the movie. And of course, Daniel Radcliffe is also one of the main characters. The Harry Potter main star is a narcissistic antagonist in Now You See Me 2. Other actors from the film include Sanaa Lathan, Henry Lloyd-Hughes, Justine Wachsberger, Jay Chou, and a lot more.


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