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Nothing Beats The Classic: Valkyrie Profile, The Good Ol? Days

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Nibelung Valesti! Remember the time where you just got home from school and was anxious to sit in front of the T.V and play your favorite game? Those were the times.

Valkyrie Profile was one of the most famous games back in the PlayStation days. Where you get to play as a Valkyrie and help the Aesir to gather all heroes in Midgard to battle in the upcoming ragnarok, the final battle of the gods against dark forces.

Follow Lenneth the battle maiden, a Valkyrie who travels to Midgard in search for worthy souls to assist her and the Aesir in battling against the Vanir and other evil forces that brings chaos to the world.

She was summond by the Lord Odin for this task. As ragnarok is coming closer, the force of darkness keeps getting stronger.

Valkyrie Profile is an RPG game developed by tri-Ace and published by Enix, and it is now known as Square Enix. The game was released on December of 1999 in Japan and in North America on August 2000. They also released a version of the game for PlayStation Portable on March 2, 2006 under the name Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth.

If you like puzzles, this is the game for you. It is a platform game where you guide Lenneth to obstacles, and confront monsters along the way. You either slash to engage them, which gives you an advantage to do the first move or just freeze them with your ice crystal and move on. Your ice crystal can also be used as a boost to reach hard to reach places and for solving puzzles.

The battle system on this game is very much different from the traditional RPG game. You can do combinations and combos and once you reach a 100 hit combo, you may have the choice to do a soul crush or just skip it. Each character has their own unique soul crush but a magician?s special attack is different depending on its equipped spell.

There over 24 playable characters in game. Some of them can only be unlocked when playing in hard mode. When in that mode, all of your Einherjar will start on level 1 when you get them. So you must train them hard and meet the requirements that Freya gave you before the chapter starts.

When the chapter ends the goddess Freya will summon you and communicate with you via the Water Mirror, an important artifact in all of Asgard. She will also give you materialize points and ancient artifacts to aid you on your quest and update you on the status of your transferred Einherjar. So it is best to train them well before sending them to war.

This game really brings back such good memories from my childhood. It is truly one of the classic games of PlayStation one.

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