Not only does this pluggable diffuser make the house fragrant; it imparts aromatherapy benefits, too

Plug it in wall sockets or countertops, whichever fits your choice

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Nothing beats the feeling of coming home to a shiny floor, new sheets, and with no mess around. But what makes the atmosphere more liveable is an aroma that hits your sweet spot. It does not only make your surroundings smell better, but it also uplifts your mood. The good news is, you can now achieve these with a simple tool only.

Do you feel curious about it yet? Here’s Serenity Now Bamboo Oil Diffuser, your new friendly addiction.

What is Serenity Now’s Pluggable Bamboo Essential Oil Diffuser?

Serenity Now’s Pluggable Bamboo Essential Oil Diffuser is one way of helping you enlighten the scent of your surroundings. It comes with a natural wood design courtesy of a water transfer process that makes it look organic. You need not deal with wires as this device directly plugs into sockets.

How does it work?
This diffuser uses a gentle warming process that scatters the fragrance from the essential oil fuel. This process, in effect, distributes aromatic benefits that induce smoother breathing and a better mood. Note that this device only diffuses therapeutic essential oils to ensure you breathe lovely-smelling air every time.

What’s in the package?

  • Pluggable diffuser
  • Decorative cover
  • Five replacement pads

Does it come with a light?

If you are fond of lighting devices, then this one could be for you. Serenity Now comes with eight LED colors that let you set the color tone of your room. You can also choose to leave the light off if you want to maintain a dark environment.

How do I install it?

Like any gadget, the Plug and Play feature also applies to Serenity Now. You don’t have to turn some switches on or set up a corded power source. What’s even better is that you can plug it in wall sockets or countertop outlets, giving you plenty of options to place it.


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