Not all wands are fictional because some are held by the hand, fighting germs and bacteria.

Thirty minutes won’t be too long to recharge this device.

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Cleanliness and sanitation have become more extensive for more than a year now. And when we touch and use many things daily, it is necessary to keep both ends clean and free of harmful substances the Ion Pacific way.


Everyone, at this point, should be more cautious about picking up and using some stuff, especially those shared by many. With the help of the Ion Pacific iPocket UVC Sterilizer, you get to disinfect everything your hand touches. This wand lets you clean things using UVC that kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.


You won’t have to worry about getting batteries for this device because it’s rechargeable. In as fast as 30 minutes, you get to use your wand again and wait for quite a while until you have to recharge it.


Take this with you anytime, anywhere. It only weighs 30g, so there’s no excuse you can’t take this inside your pocket.


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