Not all hand sanitizers work, but this one can kill germs while moisturizing your skin

This natural sanitizer is powerful enough to protect yet gentle enough to soothe your skin.

While alcohols are notorious for causing dry skin we have to admit they are quite effective in killing disgusting germs, nasty bacterias, and viruses. But what can you do? We all need something that will clean our skin, right? The best option might be a sanitizer that can clean your hands without causing dryness like Killing Them Softly’s Natural Hand Sanitizer Spray.

This Natural Hand Sanitizer Spray has a formula that combines the powerful properties of Alcohol and East Asian Herbal ingredients & essential oils to effectively kill bacteria and viruses while deeply nourishing and softening your skin. These herbal ingredients provide nourishment, hydration, and strength for your skin’s protective barrier. The skin barrier contains immune cells that help to protect you from bacteria and harmful substances. When this barrier is intact, it serves to guard you against the harmful elements around you.

And if you think these natural herbs are not enough to stop alcohol from drying your skin, Killing Them Softly hand sanitizer uses essential oils to replenish lost moisture and chapped skin. They also act as a natural source of fragrance so it will not rely on artificial chemicals. And because they use elements from nature, it is non-toxic and is safe for kids.

Because alcohol is the primary ingredient in all disinfectants, it can put you at risk for dry and cracked skin in the long run. So choosing alcohol alternatives like Killing Them Softly Natural Hand Sanitizer Spray will help combat skin dryness safely and naturally. Not only will you have the germ-killing benefits of chemical sanitizers, but you will feel the skin-soothing and softening benefits of its organic ingredients.


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