Nostradamus Predictions: Obama Will Be Last US President? World War 3 Coming Will Stop Trump To Be President?

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After Donald Trump has been elected as the new president of the United States, people are now more concern about the next prophecy of Nostradamus. The victory of Trump has long been predicted by this man from the 16th century. Now, the next one he mentioned was the World War 3. Is it really going to happen this year?

Nostradamus has been famous for predicting events that would happen thousands of years after his time. He had some of them right including the Great Fire of London, the French Revolution, and the 9/11 attacks. All of these predictions are compiled in the book Les Prophecies (The Prophecies), wherein Trump?s victory was also somehow suggested.

Nostradamus Predictions

In Century III, Quatrain 81, the prophet mentioned, ?The great shameless, audacious bawler. He will be elected governor of the army: The boldness of his contention. The bridge broken, the city faint from fear.?

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Some of the prophet?s followers interpreted it as a prediction for the U.S. Presidential Election 2016. They stated that it was pertaining to Trump winning. And, the election yesterday somehow confirmed the accuracy of the prophecy. So now, it brings us to the next prediction–the World War 3.

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According to Nostradamus, there are a lot of things that will happen this year, including the WW3. He as well mentioned that it will last for 27 years. Based on today?s situation, it is quite accurate as the tension between the United States and Russia/China is rising. If this would continue, especially with the leadership of Trump, it would indeed lead to a war.

?The moment of great violence will coincide with the appearance of a comet in the sky. Nuclear combat and natural disasters shall strike our planet when a giant planet approaches Earth,? said Nostradamus.

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This statement would give the idea that a comet will indicate the start of an upcoming war between great nations. On a good note, NASA has not reported anything yet about a possible comet crossing our skies as well as a ?giant planet? approaching ours.

How about you? Do you think Nostradamus will again be correct in predicting the World War 3? How should we interpret these prophecies of his? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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