North Pole Weather, Temperature Crashing: Global Warming At Its Hottest

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Global warming has been a hot topic for the past years. This year, the weather in the North Pole indicates that?the Earth has gotten a lot hotter than the previous years. Scientists also revealed that the temperature in the northern region is way higher than normal, which is obviously alarming.

According to reports, temperatures in and near the North Pole are generally warmer than average. During this time of the year, the region is in the middle of polar night, where the Sun is almost not rising. Because of these longer nights, the Arctic region should form thick ice sheets for the winter.

However, scientists recently revealed that the northern region is 20?C hotter. Same goes with regions of Arctic Russia where temperatures are 7?C warmer. As a result, the forming of these thick ice is slower than usual, this despite already having started in September.

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These analyses mainly come from Sean Birkel, a research assistant professor at the University of Maine?s Climate Change Institute. He is the one updating the temperature difference in the Arctic region every day and posting it on According to LiveScience, Birkel?s intention is to raise awareness about how North Pole is heating up in the past few years.

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Now, experts have already predicted these problems before. But, it is happening earlier than what scientists?theorized. Jennifer Francis, a research professor in the Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences at Rutgers University in New Jersey, mentioned that all changes in the Arctic region were expected. But the time of them taking place is totally a surprise.

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?The loss of the sea ice, the increased melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet, the thawing of permafrost, the changes in the weather patterns, the rising sea level – it?s all consistent with our expectations for the response of the climate system to increases in greenhouse gasses. It?s all been totally expected,? Francis said. She then added that they were not expecting these problems to happen this soon.

The continuous increase in the North Pole?s temperature is indeed alarming. As the weather becomes hotter, the sea level would continue to go up and will erase low-lying islands from the map. Hopefully, people would start to think about the future of this planet and help solve these problems. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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