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North Korea Has the World?s Best Hackers, Are They Behind South Korea’s Cyber Command Hack

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Hackers have reportedly managed to find their way to South Korea’s cyber command. North Korea appears to have hacked into South Korea. Military documents, including confidential information, were stolen.

An official at the Ministry of National Defence suspects that the intranet server of the cyber command has been tainted with malware. It is widely speculated that North Korea is the culprit of the latest online infiltrations.

South Korea’s cyber command opted to isolate the server from the rest of the network. How much data was stolen is yet to be determined. This is the first reported case that the South Korea’s cyber command has been compromised.

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The country has set up the command in January 2010. It was intended to contribute to South Korea?s efforts to counter external hacking attempts on the country’s military. Obviously, the cyber command has failed to protect itself this time from online hackers.

North Korea Hacks South Korea


South Korea’s Defense Ministry spokesman Moon Sang-gyun revealed in a news briefing that they?ve found malicious codes on some computers in the intranet system. Is North Korea the culprit behind the attack?

Yonhap News reported that South Korea previously accused the North of hacking into the smartphones of roughly 10 South Korean officials. Many believe that North Korea has the capability to do that. The aforementioned country has about 6,000 trained hackers in its military ranks.

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North Korea’s Cyberwarfare Agency


Details are scarce about North Korea’s cyberwarfare agency. Business Insider notes that it does seem to employ considerable computer expertise. Gen. Vincent Brooks had previously revealed in a Senate testimony that North Korea had some of the world’s best hackers.

North Korean defector Kim Heung-Kwang said the country is keeping its focus on application programming interfaces (APIs). This has been the case since 2010 according to the computer science professor. The APIs could most likely be used to attack national infrastructures.

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