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Nordic Tech Seeks to Continue Its Great Streak in Making Games

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Nordic Tech Seeks to Continue Its Great Streak in Making Games

Malmo, Sweden ? The Nordic group of game makers has been creating a winning streak in the field of mobile and computer games and they wish to continue this with video games.

Recently, the people from the region have released several of the most in demand games all throughout the globe. These are Angry Birds from Rovio, Candy Crush Saga from King and Hay Day from Supercell.

These are already huge achievements, but they will be trying to work more with the biggest names in the video game industry.

The Nordics and Their New Plans

One of the hottest plans that will make any gamer excited is that they will be working with the gaming consoles as well. These Nordic game makers will try to rehash the popular game named Minecraft to a more polished one. This means that it will come off with better graphics and a better gaming experience.

Also, all other gaming companies from Sweden such as Electronic Arts, Massive and Avalance, will produce more names. This is in relation to the great demand for their products. This is not just a good advertisement for the gaming companies in Sweden, but also in the overall system of gaming.

Days of Gaming Consoles Could Be Numbered

With the huge expansion in mobile technology and mobile gaming, experts say that the days for gaming consoles could be numbered. There are relatively more people inclined into mobile gaming rather than playing with these consoles. However, there was a light that showed that there is still a chance for it. The sales for these materials increased by 42 percent in February. This is compared to its performance in 2013.

This could be the reason why Nordic technology is stepping up. Their efforts will most likely help not just the gaming community, but the investment as well. Ubisoft Entertainment and Massive Entertainment could be the leaders to lift it up.

Massive Entertainment will be releasing Tom Clancy?s The Division later this year to work with the numbers and to impress the globe, as well. Video games cost a lot and The Division is not an exception.

The Nordic could be considered as the best groups of people in developing games. They have proven this in the past few years for their performance in mobile and computer gaming. Will they dominate the world of video gaming? Or is this the end of an era?

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