Noragami Season 3 Release Date, Spoilers: Yato To Acquire His Own Temple

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Based on latest reports, the future looks bright for Noragami Season 3. Anime news suggests that our favorite series will be back on TV in 2017. The third season is speculated to focus on how Yato will prevent Hiyori’s death and how he will acquire a temple of his own.

Fans are hoping that Noragami Season 3 will air early next year. But if Bones will stick to its tradition, the series will presumably return in the middle of 2017. Noragami Season 3 is indeed one of the most heart-warming animes lined up for 2017.

Noragami Season 3 Plot

The next season of Noragami is expected to tell more stories of adventures and friendships. It is time for Yato to repay Hiyori for all her help. How can the temple-less god save his friend when the higher gods want him to stop seeing the human?

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Hiyori?s time is running short and Yato has to prevent her death before it is too late. But the god has other tasks to deal with. True enemies have only begun to unfold their concealed schemes and he has to stop them too.

Some loyal followers of Noragami are guessing that Yato will be able to acquire his own temple in the upcoming season. But can he truly be happy without the ?unwelcome guest from the human world? (Hiyori)?

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Noragami Aragoto is based on a hit manga of the same name. The manga is written by Adachitoka. The publication for the aforementioned manga title started in 2011. Since then, fans were hooked with the adventures of the god without a Temple, Yato.

Kodansha?s Monthly Sh?nen Magazine is the publisher of the Noragami Aragoto manga. A total of 15 volumes have been published and collected into tank?bon.

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Do you think Yato will be able to help Hiyori in Noragami Season 3? Share us your thoughts through the comment section below. Keep checking here for more updates on Noragami Season 3 release date.

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