Nokia X2 To Be Released in late June 2014; 1GB RAM, 1 Ghz Dual Core, Android 4.3 specs

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Nokia is serious with their recent Android or should we say, ?Windows-Infused-Android Operation System??launches. After Nokia X, the smartphone company may be launching its successor Nokia X2,?before the month of June ends.This next Nokia X device may also have a dedicated Home button as well.

BGR reports that “Nokia had found many users complaining about the lack of a home button in the Nokia X, which only had a back button. These users did not realize that long pressing the back button would take them to the home screen rather than having to press it multiple times to reach the home screen one step back at a time.?Reaching the home screen easily is crucial in the Nokia X-series of smartphones as it doesn?t have a regular swipe down notification bar like other Android smartphones. In order to check notifications, users have to first go to the homescreen and then reach the Fastlane interface by swiping from the side of the display.”

As for the specs, there?s really not much of a big difference to its former version. The information which showed up on revealed?that the device will be powered by a 1.2 Ghz Dual Core Snapdragon 200 processor. It will also have the same 4.3 inch 480 x 800 pixel display. As with Nokia X, Nokia X2 will ?have the same internal storage capacity of 4 GB. Some of the differences are the improved RAM capacity of 1GB and with a better GPU processor (Adreno 305). A 5-megapixel camera and a 0.3-megapixel front one will also be introduced.

While this might seem like a small difference, we have yet to see the actual performance gap between the two, and we?re betting that the successor will be better in more ways than one. Waaaay better.

Since Nokia X and its successor are more inclined to target emerging markets, it is still unknown if these models will make it in the U.K. But, with the spec improvements, Nokia might be starting to lay their eyes on other developed markets.

Aside from Nokia X2 or Nokia X+, the company may also look at the bigger picture through Nokia XL. We’ll ?be covering this topic ?soon.

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