Nokia X2 Android Smartphone? Reports Say Nokia Is Working On a Successor to the Nokia X

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Nokia X2 Android Smartphone? Reports Say Nokia Is Working On a Successor to the Nokia X

Microsoft will continue to develop the Nokia X line and come up with more Android based smartphones, if reports are accurate. This move, analysts say, will hopefully bring in more users to Microsoft’s cloud services.

By next year, Microsoft is reported to be releasing the successor to its initial Android smartphone, the Nokia X, dubbed the Nokia X2.

Reports posted by BGR India say that Finland based Microsoft Mobile, the Microsoft arm that makes the Nokia smartphones, is currently developing a new Nokia X handset.

The supposed successor, the Nokia X2, is rumored to bring new features that were missing in the Nokia X, particularly the soft home button, which is a staple in most Android devices. The new Nokia X2 will still however, lack the scroll down notifications, and will still employ the Fastlane Hub (originally found in the Nokia Asha line), to access media and messages. The Fastlane Hub is conveniently located in the X line’s home display.

Although many critics faulted Nokia for not having the scroll down notification, Nokia compensates for this by providing a shortcut to the home screen by making a ?long press” on the ?back? button. The back button is normally used (short press) to go back to the last app opened.

Similar reports on the supposed Nokia X2 suggest that the new device will be released by 2015. Information based on benchmarks in the Chinese media, provided the expected release date and also provided information on possible specs. The rumored specs of the Nokia X2 are:

  • 1.2GHz Qualcomm processor
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 4GB onboard storage

To compare with its high-end predecessor, the Nokia XL, improvements can be noted. The Nokia XL came with the following:

  • 1GHz dual-core processor
  • 768MB of RAM
  • 4GB of onboard storage.

As expected, the rumors of a possible Nokia X 2nd generation device elicited a ?no comment? from Microsoft Devices. The company launched 3 variants of the 1st generation Nokia X during the Mobile World Congress 2014 (MWC), that featured handsets that had the look of a Windows smartphone, but built on a customized Android platform (ASOP or Android Open Source Project).

Much has been said about the Nokia X’s inability to run regular Google Android apps that are easily sourced from the Google Play Store. Instead, the Nokia X is shipped with Microsoft apps like Outlook, Skype, as well as Nokia’s Here Maps. Other apps can be downloaded from the Nokia store or other 3rd party Android stores like Yandex (Russia).

The three Nokia X variants (X,X+, XL) were released at a price range of US$ 110 to 140 dollars, and provided an attractive option for Microsoft and Nokia customers, who wanted more than the Nokia Asha (series 40) line and the Microsoft Windows phones.

Many analysts see Microsoft as using their Nokia business to bring in more customers to the Microsoft cloud services, which is a direct challenge to the services provided by Google, and accessed via a myriad of different branded Android smartphones.

This is the primary reason why Nokia X refuses to simply use the standard Google Android platform, and why it developed its own system. This is also a convincing argument why Microsoft will continue to develop the Nokia X line in the coming years.
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