Nokia X is NOT an Android Phone. Not The One You Thought Of At Least

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First hands-on with the Nokia X
First hands-on with the Nokia X

Everybody though that Nokia made the one last thing that they needed to do in order to get into the top of the smartphone battle. That is, switching to the Android operating system. In some sense, they did, but in some, they didn?t. Confusing? Exactly. That?s what they did with Nokia X. It is an Android phone that doesn?t look and feel like one at all. If you are looking for an ?android phone and you?re very particular about its look and especially the feel, stay away from Nokia X. (Not unless you know your way around android OS and can tweak them to your liking without being bound by limitations like sideloading apps or rooting)

In getting a Nokia X, the very first thing you will notice is it doesn?t look like an android phone at all. More like an enhanced version of Asha 501. It only has one touch button below the screen. No home button or sub-menu button at all.

One would even think that this is a Chinese rip-off of the Lumia series if you aren?t aware that this is actually an android phone from Nokia. It looks more like a Windows phone rather than an Android one. It uses the same Fastlane that Asha uses, so the interface isn?t that bad at all. It just don?t look like an android.

Another bothering factor is, Nokia X doesn?t have Google PlayStore. What?s up with an android phone without a Google PlayStore? However, there is a store that lets you download apps without the need to log in, but the number of apps there is limited. Only those popular apps on the Google PlayStore will be there and for other apps, chances are next to zero. This certainly robs away, some of the freedom in choosing your choice of apps for the phone. Yes, there are alternatives for certain apps that you have always loved, but most of them just don?t cut it.

However, in general, the phone is quite fast if you?ll compare it with other Smartphones on the same price range. It has a decent Dual-core 1ghz processor which handles the tasks quite effectively, even better than phones in the same price range. It has a 3mp rear camera and ?a WVGA screen resolution of 800×480. It has 4gb of internal storage and a micro sd slot that supports up to 32gb.

All in all, it?s not really a bad smartphone and if it is your first one, you definitely must buy it. On the other hand, if you?ve been exposed to other Android phones, you might have second thoughts about it.

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