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Nokia X Benchmark Test Results from AnTuTu, Quadrant and Nenamark II; 5 Things You?ll Love on Nokia X

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Nokia X smartphones are not powerful due to the dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor and 512 MB RAM supporting them. However, Nokia did well on optimising the X line and made them fair enough on three benchmarking apps ? AnTuTu, Quadrant Standard and Nenamark II.

Source: Nokia

Source: Nokia

AnTuTu Benchmark

Nokia X scored 7669 points on AnTuTu benchmark right behind Samsung Galaxy S2. The score 7669 is affected by the low graphics Adreno 203 chipset and the 512 MB RAM which limits almost everything.

Quadrant Standard

Under the benchmark test of Quadrant Standard, Nokia X scored better than Motorola Atrix 4G and Samsung Galaxy Nexus with 3020. 3020 points with Quadrant Standard is considerably decent enough since Nokia X only boasts a dual – core processor and half a gigabyte of RAM.

Nenamark II

In terms of graphics, Nokia X scored 32 frames per second on Nenamark II benchmark. For a mid-range Android smartphone with average processor, limited RAM and aged graphics, 32 fps is a decent remark.

What Works on Nokia X

Judging Nokia X based from three benchmarking tools, you can easily tell that the X line performs like entry-level devices. However, Nokia X features different things you will not find from commonly sold Android smartphones.

  1. No Google Services: Play Store is not built-in inside Nokia X which probably a downside on browsing apps. However, the upside is you do not have to think managing several Google apps cluttering on the RAM.
  2. App Compatibility: More than 50 per cent of apps from the Play Store are compatible with Nokia X and developers do not need to optimise every app just to fit them. Moreover, you can also sideload apps not found in the Play Store.
  3. HERE maps: You still have HERE maps even though Google Maps isn?t available for your Nokia X. You can use the navigation function, turn-by-turn direction and offline labs on HERE.
  4. Personal Radio: You can customise the radio app and hear only the music you love without signing up, subscribers or getting advertising.
  5. Android Firmware: It means that root access is possible and allows custom ROM installation made by third-party developers.

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