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Nokia X :12 FAQs – No Kitkat, Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Play, Nokia Here Maps etc..

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Nokia X : ?12 FAQs – No Kitkat,Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Play, Nokia Here Maps etc..


When we first heard about the Nokia X (then codenamed: Normandy), we were all surprised to hear that the very first Nokia Android unit would not be running a modified stock Android system. We wondered whether building their very own platform (albeit using the Android as a cornerstone) and having their own app store will be more of a plus than a fail for this Microsoft / Nokia venture. ( Read our earlier post on ?Nokia to launch Android ?Normandy? Phone & App Store in MWC? )

Well, we can now decide for ourselves if the Nokia X is doing the Nokia brand as well as Android fans justice. Here is a very quick FAQ on the Nokia X:


  1. Will Nokia X have the Android 4.4 Kitkat? ? No. Nokia X has a recreated and re-imagined Android system (Nokia X Platform version 1), so you won’t ?relax? and find the Kitkat taste or flavor in it. But it can use Android apps.
  2. Where can we download apps for Nokia X? – Aside from the Nokia Store, you can also download apps from Amazon App Store, Aptoid and other Android app portals.
  3. Where can I buy the Nokia X? – Although Nokia did not specify, it is expected that it will be available all over the world, except in….North Korea, Korea, and Japan.
  4. Ho w much will the Nokia X cost? – The price will be approximately US$ 123 Dollars (or 89 Euro).
  5. Can I multitask in the Nokia X? – Although different from other Android UIs, the ?Fastlane? app would allow you to do so.
  6. Can the Nokia X use external apps? – Yes, as long as they have the .apk format.
  7. What powers the Nokia X? – The Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Play Processor. The Nokia X platform comes from a tweaked Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean operating system. It contains 512 MB of RAM.
  8. Can I take screenshots with a Nokia X? – Yes, press the volume button down and power key at the same time. A screenshot will be saved in the Gallery with a separate folder for screenshots.
  9. Is the battery of the Nokia X built in or removable? – It is removable via a back cover. Comes in handy in rebooting the phone or other problems.
  10. What Kind of SIM does the Nokia X use? – It uses a MicroSIM. It is also a dual SIM phone (e.g. it has 2 slots for SIM cards).
  11. Can the Nokia X make video calls via Skype? – Yes, but without a front camera, it might be inconvenient showing yourself (with the back camera) and not seeing the person you are talking to.
  12. Will I be able to use Google Maps in the Nokia X? – Yes, but you don’t need to. The Nokia Here Maps is awesome and better than Google Maps (in a way) as you can use it offline.

So there you are. A dozen questions answered, to help you decide if the Nokia X makes the grade.

What do you think?


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