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Nokia to launch Android ?Normandy? Phone & App Store in MWC

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Nokia to launch Android ?Normandy? Phone & App Store in MWC


Leading business publication The Wall Street Journal has confirmed in a news feature that Nokia is releasing an Android smartphone late February 2014 at the Mobile World Congress.

Tech analysts who are privy to this development revealed that the gadget is ?tailored in a way that won?t promote some of the key Google-developed features that a more traditional Android-powered phone might.?

Although there have been previous reports that these are mere rumors, the confirmation by TWSJ is a reliable indicator that while Nokia is truly adapting the Android system, it will not be making it compatible with the Play Store of Google and other Google applications.

For example, instead of using the Gmail and Maps Apps of Google, Nokia will offer similar apps developed by Microsoft and Nokia. This will most probably include the ?Here map service? as well as the music app Mix Radio.

And, as our title already revealed, Nokia will offer these apps and services with its very own app store that will offer an abundance of Android apps.

This development comes as no surprise to those who have been monitoring Nokia’s activities through the past year. Analysts have noted that the Android ?option? was already in the works for Nokia even before Microsoft made a ?play? for the once mighty mobile Finnish tech company.

Microsoft has also good reason for going the Android way despite the existence of its very own Windows Mobile system. Aside from using Nokia’s manufacturing strength in the mobile industry (thereby cutting costs), Microsoft’s Windows Mobile does not run on low end smart devices which are slowly gaining market share world-wide. With Android, Microsoft and Nokia can now tap into this lucrative market and produce ?entry-level? smart phones.


To bolster news of this development, a number of reports have surfaced on Nokia’s Android ?user interface? which is supposedly going by the code name ?Normandy?.

The Nokia / Microsoft devices will showcase entry level specs and a look that is similar to the ?Asha? mobile line.

On the system itself, the UI developers of Nokia have been reported to make an Android – Windows hybrid.

Invitations for the Mobile World Congress have been sent by Nokia and many industry pundits have predicted that this event will host the launch of the ?Normandy? line.


The theme of the Nokia Event is ?Under the Tree? which Microsoft and Nokia fans claim is a sign of Nokia’s ?forking’ of Android in its coming product release.

Video: Nokia Android Phone Concept (Tech Radar / YouTube)



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