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Nokia Or Microsoft Mobiles ? Is this the End of the Nokia Brand?

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Nokia Or Microsoft Mobiles? Is this the End of the Nokia Brand?

Will the change of name of Nokia to Microsoft Mobiles mean the end of the Nokia Brand?

In a recent letter to Nokia registered customers, Nokia advised that the sale of Nokia’s mobile services business – Nokia Oyj – included a number of changes in the terms and contract policies of the company. (Do read our recent post on ?Nokia Privacy, Data Protection, And Service Terms, Regarding Sale Of Nokia Mobile Biz To Microsoft? – link: )

In the letter, it was explicitly stated that ?With the completion of this sale, the Nokia Devices & Services business will be part of this Finnish entity, Microsoft Mobile Oy, a subsidiary of Microsoft Corp?.

Many tech reporters have started to use the term ?Microsoft Mobiles? and are slowly dropping the ?Nokia? name in referring to the newly acquired mobile services unit and its devices. A number of them are also posing the question of whether this decision by Microsoft is a ?bold move? or a gigantic blunder.

Avid users of Android powered devices were ecstatic when rumors of the Nokia X erupted. This excitement, however turned into a big ?fail? when the Nokia X was launched at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014. A good number of Nokia fans and Android developers were bewildered why Nokia X was not using the standard Android OS, but a Nokia X platform that was just based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). The 4 inch WVGA display, dual core processor and Jelly Bean Software Development Kit did not help either.

This disappointing development in the latest Nokia mobile device, which was supposed to herald the entry of Nokia in the Android world, was seen by many as the influence of Microsoft. Microsoft has not been very successful with its Windows Mobile business and Nokia developers and customers are afraid that the Microsoft acquisition will only make matters worse for the struggling Finnish mobile company.

Although at this stage, only the company name change is being announced, tech analysts say it will not be surprising if the coming devices from Microsoft Mobile Oy will be named Microsoft Mobile 9xx instead of Nokia Lumia 9xx.

The renaming of Nokia to Microsoft Mobiles is suspected to be part of a larger plan to distance the Microsoft Mobile Devices from the ?Android? name and image, as Microsoft would not want to promote other Android devices (brands), as they market their coming AOSP based gadgets.

Whether the rumored name change and possible ?dropping? of the Nokia Brand will be a significant factor in the business of Microsoft Mobile Oy is anybody’s guess. There are still Nokia fans that are left in the ever changing mobile gadget universe, but more and more of them are looking for better devices, and will be probably willing to mourn the death of the Nokia brand, if Microsoft Mobiles comes up with Android based smartphones that will rival Samsung and the iPhone in price and features.

For Nokia loyalists and mobile device pundits out there, do tell us what you think. Bold move or Blunder?


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