Nokia Lumia 930 To Land In The U.K. on July 17!

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The new Lumia 930 will be landing in a number of countries including the United Kingdom (UK) this July 17.

Aside from the U.K., the new Lumia 930 will also land in the Middle East, and Asia.

Nokia claims that the new Lumia 930 is the world?s first smartphone that can capture and playback high-quality audio in Dolby Surround Sound.

The new Nokia Lumia 930 comes with the latest Windows Phone experience – Windows Phone 8.1. It also comes in different colours ranging from stylishly subtle to vibrantly vogue. Plus, it is powered by a 2.2GHz Snapdragon 800 processor, 4G LTE connectivity, built-in wireless charging and a 5?, Full HD display for astonishing sunlight readability.


Aside from these, Nokia Lumia also comes with a formidable camera.

?With a 20MP PureView Camera and four directional microphones with Surround-Sound, you can capture High-quality photos and immersive video with sound that?s more true-to-life than ever before,? Nokia Lumia said on its official website.

Also, Nokia Lumia 930 can help users to share, store, edit and do more with its OneDrive. With this, users can store and access all of their photos, videos and files from anywhere.

?Syncing is simple too, whether you’re on your smartphone, Xbox, tablet or computer. The first 7GB of storage come free, so you’ll have plenty of space in the cloud to get you started. And accessing or editing documents on the go is simple too, with Microsoft Office coming built into the Lumia 930,”?Nokia Lumia added.

One thing more, you can have access to the best applications in the world via the Windows Phone Store. Users can download world?s favourites like Instagram, Twitter, 4oD, FIFA 14 and many more. Aside from this, users can also choose among list of apps specifically developed for the latest Windows Phone 8.1 experience for more fun. Plus, users who are also music lovers will surely rejoice with the Lumia 930. It features unlimited, commercial-free music streaming at no additional cost, Nokia MixRadio comes preinstalled and ready to use the moment users power on their Lumia 930.

Great news isn?t it?

For more information about the new Nokia Lumia 930, stay tuned with us!

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