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Nokia Lumia: 2520 and 735 the Last of the ‘Nokia’ Line

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The CES 2015 has revealed a lot of surprising things, but in the realm of Nokia, it should be no surprise that they won?t have their names on their products anytime soon. Nokia had been brought by Microsoft previously, and as a result of that deal, Nokia phones moving on would have to carry Microsoft?s brand on them, imitating Sony when they brought Ericsson way back in the early 2000s.

Here are two Nokia products which are going to be missed.

In the realm of tablets?as per Uber Gizmo?Nokia?s 2520 tablet is about to see the end of the road. After the Nokia name?s removal, it seems that 2520 is the last of the Nokia-branded tablets. Perhaps Microsoft has a different direction, one in which the 2520 has no future at all. Also, we?re going to take a look at this Independent UK article which shows what Nokia?s future looks like moving on starting with the last of their Nokia branded phones, the Lumia 735.

No More Lumia 2520

Perhaps Nokia is going with something better, but even so, Nokia?s Lumia 2520 is getting the cut, as per Uber Gizmo.

Nokia has ceased production of their Lumia 2520 tablet following the decision to also pull the plug on the Nokia Windows RT OS. While it had a lot of promise back in the day, the release of the Windows 10 OS rendered the RT obsolete, and perhaps, that also affected the Lumia 2520. As per Uber Gizmo, the streamlining that Windows 10 offered was a welcome development, after Windows RT, Windows 8/8.1, and Windows Phone made it complicated for cross-platform compatibility.

It could also mean that Windows 10 is the OS that Microsoft had been waiting for. It might be a game changer, considering Microsoft can now effortlessly share files, media, and other documents between different devices.

Nokia?s Swan-song: The 735

If there?s ever any device fitting of ushering Nokia?s name out slowly, it has to be the 735.

For a company that has seen itself be dominant in the better part of the 2000s, as per The Independent, the Nokia brand saw itself fall on hard times and had to rely on Microsoft to help keep the company. The Lumia 735, meanwhile, is a sort of last hurrah for the once-mighty cellphone manufacturer. The 735?as per Independent UK?is packed with a lot of efficient features like the Here and Lumia apps, along with a battery that can get you through a day without coughing.

These features can perhaps make the Nokia legacy live on forever?as a brand that made phones that, while they lacked in wow appeal, had something else going on for it in efficiency and work rate. Now, let?s usher in the Microsoft era.

Such Sweet Sorrow

For all the sadness, however, Nokia isn?t really disappearing. It can live on in the Here apps which are being made available on Android and Apple phones. It can live on in the various phones it makes for Microsoft?although it will carry Microsoft?s name on it. Nokia will live on no matter how gone it may appear to be.


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