Nokia Loads Apps for Nokia X Into Nokia Store Without OK From Developers

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Nokia Loads Apps for Nokia X Into Nokia Store Without OK From Developers

Reports have been posted in tech blogs and sites about Nokia loading Android apps, to be used for the Nokia X, in its Nokia store. What could be wrong with that? Reports say they are doing it without the approval of the app developers.

When tech companies launch a mobile operating system, they usually are faced with the ?chicken or the egg? dilemma. The success of their operating system platform is dependent on the app developers who supply all those wonderful and entertaining apps that mobile users want and enjoy. Meaning, more apps mean more users for their mobile OS platform.

But, on the other hand, app developers will only create apps for platforms that already have a wide following, in order to get a good return on their investment.

The best thing that tech companies can do is to convince app developers to take a risk with them, with the hope that their OS platform (and mobile devices, if their OS is exclusive to a handset), will capture a good number of users so that the app will make money.

A few tech companies, like Blackberry, followed this direction, and has made a good convincing effort, by making it easy for Android app developers to port their apps to the Blackberry platform. This move enabled the Blackberry 10 to support thousands of Android apps in the market.

Nokia, the former mobile device leader, whose mobile device business has been recently acquired by Microsoft, has found another way. It has been reported before that Nokia, although using an Android base for its OS, has made tweaks to have their own unique platform. To add to that, they also created their own Nokia app store, to house the apps that will be supported by their flagship Android smartphone, the Nokia X. The Nokia X does not automatically carry (unless it is modified) the Google Play Store.

In order to solve the dilemma I mentioned earlier (about not having enough apps in an app store), Nokia found an ?ingenious? strategy in utilizing existing ?compatible? Android apps to populate their Nokia store, that disregards which – the egg or the chicken – came first.

Whether this strategy will work or will backfire, will be revealed in the coming days.

A number of Android app developers have reported that Nokia has sent them an advice, saying that, they have already uploaded their app into the Nokia store, even without their approval or consent.

The message from Nokia is reportedly phrased in this manner:


Dear _________________ ,

You have your app in the Nokia Store, ready to reach the new market of Nokia X users around the world.

?name of app? is already compatible with Nokia X without you having to change a single line of code.

We already created your Nokia Store account and uploaded your app; all you need to do is to allow the Nokia Store Team from Microsoft to contact you.


As you can see from the supposed message that the app developers received, Nokia has in a way, ?pirated? apps and deposited it into their app store, even before they have communicated with the developers.

Some tech watchers opined that this may have a flattering effect for some app developers, but they also see other developers taking offense, and may not want to work with Nokia, ever.


This strategy by Nokia and Microsoft brings back a lot of questions that were raised months ago, on why Nokia did not just simply adopt the ?Google? route and source their apps from the Google Play Store.

Of course, this question has been answered already, since the major players, Microsoft and Google have directly competing lines.

Still, this Nokia strategy highlights the difficulties facing Nokia and Microsoft, with the Nokia X and the Nokia app store.

Analysts have also pointed out that if it has been just any other company (other than Microsoft), the term ?software piracy? would have been immediately hurled towards them.


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