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Nokia C1: More News about the Android Microsoft Phone

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The Nokia C1 phone carries a lot of expectations with it.

It was one of the phones widely discussed after CES 2015. It can be viewed as Microsoft?s make-or-break model, seeing as it?s the first phone from Nokia to start carrying Microsoft on it instead of Nokia. It?s also one of the first Microsoft phones to carry Android exclusively instead of another OS?namely Microsoft Windows 10 OS. It?s a phone with the aim to slowly break-in potential customers to the way Microsoft does things.

So here we take a look at what this Whatech column about Microsoft?s newest Android entry. Aside from the specs and the obvious name-change, what else sets this phone apart from everyone else?including its Windows 10-powered siblings? Also, this article from Android Headlines explores a lingering fascination with the Nokia-Microsoft phone?including people who are still rooting for it because, Nokia.

The Nokia C1?s notables

A lot has been said about the Nokia C1, but let?s take a look at the phone?s notable features.

From what is on the Whatech article, the phone?s screen size and the HD feature is one of its stronger assets. The Nokia C1?a phone with the Microsoft label?has about 5 inches of IPS LCD touch-screen that?s geared towards not sacrificing HD capabilities in spite of a low price. Another feature lacking from the phone, though, is the Carl Zeiss optics, an always-present feature of Nokia phones.

The absence of the Carl Zeiss optics, as per Whatech, might be a part of the effort to slash the price. However, the phone still has camera lens which are enough for the budding selfie-addict in you. It would be interesting to note, however, that this phone could be one of the many Android-powered phones that Microsoft will churn out right now and in the future.

A High-Demand for the C1?

The Android Headlines article appears to make something out of the Nokia C1 in that it is still a highly sought-after device. While it doesn?t appear to have the Nokia label on it anymore, it?s still highly sought-after in Japan, as per Android Headlines. The polls say that a majority of people would want to see it carry the Android OS, and it currently does.

The voice of the people, eh?

As per the Android Headlines article, there are still many people who are clamoring for Nokia. That alone could bolster sales for the Nokia C1 and would also mean a good deal to Microsoft, who has since bought troubled Nokia in an effort to make a crack at the smartphone market.

Microsoft Nokia?s Right Moves

Everything about the Nokia C1, as it appears in these articles, seems to scream people-pleaser. It?s Android powered and it also has a lot of features which people would quickly appreciate. It might be a good thing for Microsoft, though, as they transition Nokia into a phase where they become Microsoft?s smartphone division?as it appears?rather than an independent company within Microsoft?s group.


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