Nokia And Apple Begins A Legal War Over Patent Issue

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Nokia and Apple are having a legal battle over patents. Nokia has confirmed that it has filed a lawsuit against Apple for violating 32 of its technology patents.

“Apple has declined subsequent offers made by Nokia to license other of its patented inventions which are used by many of Apple’s products,” Nokia said in a statement.

It has filed its lawsuits in Dusseldorf, Mannheim and Munich, Germany, and the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas. Nokia?s lawsuit is a strong response to Apple?s lawsuit. Apple had filed the lawsuit US District Court,?Northern District of California a day before.

Apple’s Law Suit Against Nokia

In its lawsuit, Apple had mentioned that Nokia has gone against the 2011 agreement by transferring some patents to third party companies. In 2011, Apple and Nokia signed an agreement, according to which Apple had agreed to pay for some Nokia patents. Apple wanted to use those Nokia patents to create some features for its iPhones, according to The Wall Street Journal.

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Apple Accuses?Apple Acacia Research Corp

Apple?s spokesperson has clearly mentioned that Apple was ready to pay the right amount for the patents. However, Nokia was not ready for that. He also said that Nokia is trying to take money from Apple through the use of wrong tricks.

Apple has also taken action against Apple Acacia Research Corp (ACTG.O) and Conversant Intellectual Property Management Inc [GEGGIM.UL]. It has blamed that these two organizations are involved with Nokia in the patent violation case.

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Apple Seeks Relief From The Court

In the lawsuit, Apple has accused Nokia of Breach of FRAND Contract, unlawful asset acquisition, conspiracies to monopolize the SEP technology markets, and unfair competition. Apple has also requested Relief from the Court, according to Patently Apple. The brand has stated that it wants to recover damages against Acacia and Conversant, including incidental and consequential damages, in an amount to be determined and multiplied to the extent provided by law. It has asked the court to make the accused pay for Apple’s attorneys’ fees.

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?That Acacia and Conversant be enjoined from seeking injunctions against Apple based on declared SEPs for which Nokia made FRAND commitments,? Apple further added. Apple also had a legal dispute with Samsung related patent violation as well.

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