Nokia 9 Major Leak On A Nokia Introduction Video: Specs, Design Hinted

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Nokia 9 inadvertently leaked in introduction video

In the last few months, Nokia has been making waves with its slew of new mid-range Android phones. It ruffled even more feathers when it announced that it will revamp the iconic Nokia 3310.

Now, rumour has it that the company is working really hard to introduce new Android phones in the market including the highly anticipated Nokia 9.

Just recently, a certain introduction video of the current Nokia products appeared online. The interesting bit is, the video showed four, not three, products. The led many to believe that the fourth product maybe the purported Nokia 9 as the video shows a dual camera phone. And the only dal camera phone from Nokia that is circulating the rumour mill is the Nokia 9.

Nokia 9 inadvertently leaked in introduction video

Alleged image from Nokia introduction video (by Evan Blass via

From the video, one can see from the far left a device that is quite different from the other three. Working our way from the far right, we can see the Nokia 5, Nokia 6, and then quite possibly the Nokia 8.  Finally, as mentioned earlier, the far left is said to be the Nokia 9.

The only thing that is weird with the images is the fact that according to recent reports, the Nokia 9 will have a rear mounted fingerprint scanner. This one on the image clearly does not have one that is visible at the back of the device. Although, there have been reports earlier that Nokia is considering an in-display mounted fingerprint scanner for the Nokia 9.

It is still unclear if the one in the image is indeed the Nokia 9. However, noting the fact that the image showed a something that quite agrees to recent leaks and reports, there is a high probability the we could be looking at what the phone will be on release.

To date, Nokia is still to announce the details of the said flagship phone. Nevertheless, rumour has it that it will include top-notch features that can be expected from a high-end Android phone. For more updates on the Nokia 9, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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