Nokia 8 Price, Specs Revealead; Releasing End of July for Less Than $700

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Nokia 8 specs, price, release date revealed

There have been many news of late about Nokia’s resurgence to the mobile phone market. Early this year, the company release a slew of new Android-based smartphones on the cheap. However, many die-hard Nokia fans are still waiting on official flagships to be release, specifically the Nokia 8 and 9.

On that subject, Roland Quandt of posted a leak on his Twitter page about the Nokia 8. The post somewhat confirmed all of the specs that have been thrown around about the said phone. He even posted what colour variants the Nokia 8 will come with when it gets released.

According to Quandt, the Nokia 8, otherwise known as Nokia 8 TA-1004, will have a Snapdragon 835 chip. This is actually not a surprise anymore as multiple reports have claimed the phone will come with the said application processor.

The SoC will then be paired with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. Unfortunately, he did not specify if the storage in question is UFS2.1.

Quandt also said that the Nokia 8 will come in four color variations: blue, steel, gold/blue, and gold/copper. Finally, he also confirmed the possible release date and price of the phone. He said that consumers can expect to get the Nokia 8 for less than $700 around the end of July.

Quandt has been spot on when it comes to his leaks. A few months back, he leaked the specs for the BlackBerry KeyOne. He also leaked a few details about the Samsung Galaxy S8 prior to its release.

On the face of it, the Nokia 8 is priced like a proper flagship phone. Its specs, as well, is suited for a run-of-the-mill high-end Android phone. It will be interesting how good it competes with the likes of Samsung and other Android phone manufacturers out there. Furthermore, if Nokia goes for a vanilla Android, just like its mid-range phones, consumers will find it a bit more attractive since usability will be synonymous to the Nexus or Pixel phone.

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