Nokia 3310 To Get Color Screen Upgrade And Thinner Build

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Nokia 3310 will get color lcd screen and thinner build

The Nokia 3310 has made its name as one of the strongest mobile devices to ever come from Nokia. Back in the days when a Nokia mobile phone is still cool, the Nokia 3310 is considered the king. Many years later, the king of mobile phones is finally making a comeback. Only this time, it will be sporting a new look with the same robustness and build quality as the original version.

According to VTechGraphy, HMD Global and Nokia will be unveiling the Nokia 3310 during this year’s Mobile World Congress. The event, which will be held in Spain, will start on the the 26th of February and last until the 2nd of March. In addition to the purported release, Nokia is also rumored to maintain much of the same features of the 3310, save for some minor upgrades.

The Nokia 3310, as it is, will remain to be a feature phone. This means it will not have the functionalities of a modern smartphone available in the market these days. Instead, what you remember as the 3310 from 17 years ago will still be the same device on release.

Nokia 3310 rumored to get color screen upgrade and thinner build

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Even though the Nokia 3310 will remain pretty much the way it was, rumor has it that it will get a much needed screen upgrade. From the old and outdated 84×84 pixel monochromatic display, it will be upgraded to a color LCD. However, before getting your hopes up, the report claims that the display is a run-of-the-mill LCD panel with standard resolution. This is so the phone can still preserve its long battery life.

In addition to the display, Nokia is also said to make the 3310 slimmer and lighter than it was before. Although to be fair, this is not really a surprise at all since a lot of things have improved over the years. Specifically, more semiconductor parts are now slimmer and smaller than before.

Finally, just like before, the Nokia 3310 will be released in a number of fun and enjoyable color schemes. From the original gray, black, and ash, colors like red, green, and yellow will be added in the mix.

The Nokia 3301 is rumored to be released along with other Nokia Android smartphones. Among these phones is the Nokia 6 which was released in China a few months back. Also, Nokia and HMD Global will be unveiling two more smartphones at the MWC 2017 event. The Nokia 5 and Nokia 3 will also make their appearances in the said event. For more updates on the Nokia 3310, be sure to check out TheBitbag.

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