Nokia 2017 Smartphone Lineup: 6-7 Android Smartphones To Be Released

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Nokia 2017 Smartphone Lineup
Nokia 2017 Smartphone Lineup

The Nokia 2017 smartphone lineup is one of the most anticipated products in the mobile market today. And with Nokia D1C, Nokia Edge, and Nokia 150, consumers have a variety to choose from depending on their need and budget.

Admittedly, the company was unable to regain its dominance marketwise when it launched its Windows OS smartphones. But now, they came up with a strategy that may just level the playing field. Nokia is expected to announce their new lineup by HMD Global at the MWC 2017. Rumors have it that they’re planning to launch 5 new smartphones for this year, but another report claims it could be up to seven mobile devices.

The Nokia 150

Now for those who only want text and call features on their phones, here’s a good choice. It’s built durably and has a battery power of that can last 22 hours of time and 31 days on standby, per The Sun. Added to this, the all time fave Nitro Racing and Snake will also be incorporated into the phones. Making people realize that just because they’re on the modern take doesn’t mean they can’t revive the things that once made them tick.

Nokia Edge and D1C

No matter how hard Nokia tried to keep mum about their upcoming devices, leaks keep popping up left and right online. Now the latest news is that Nokia D1C will feature the Snapdragon 600 processor, 64GB, and 4G RAM, per The Android Soul. Meanwhile, the Android Nokia Edge is expected to have the Android 7.0 Nougat and 6GB RAM. It’s bezel-less and has a 23 megapixel cam with Carl Zeiss technology. It will also have an octa-core processor with a price range of $450-500 USD.

As of writing, the exact release dates of the phones have not been announced yet. Only Nokia 150 is reported to roll out into the market in the first quarter of 2017. Detailed specs and info about the Nokia 2017 smartphone lineup is yet to be known.

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