No Sapphire Glass for iPhone 6 Afterall

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Apple iPhone 6 (Image Credit to ZONEofTECH YouTube)
Apple iPhone 6 (Image Credit to ZONEofTECH YouTube)

The latest rumor about iPhone 6 is that it won?t have the Sapphire glass that we are all anticipating. This might probably be less of a rumor and more of a fact since the source came from LEDInside, a subdivision of Trendforce. They have stated that Apple has not shown any hint of interest about using Sapphire for its 4.7-inch iPhone OR, they haven?t been able to make it happen yet.

If Apple is going to launch the iPhone 6 in September with the sapphire screen, significant amount of component materials should have been already in the process of being shipped by the end of June. Unfortunately, none of them is happening even while July is nearly over.

There may be a bit of a chance that this stuff can be pushed at the last minute, we can safely bet that iPhones to be released this September won?t be having any of this sapphire screen technology with them.

So what exactly happened to the 5.5-inch version of iPhone 6 then? Another report states that the phone will finally enter the production phase this coming September, but won?t be arriving anytime soon until December. Still, we can be a bit skeptical about this since December is a bit late for Apple to release their phones as it would seem like a post-holiday product sale. More people should and would anticipate these devices BEFORE Christmas hits.

The same thing goes with iWatch that will enter production this coming November and will also be released before the year ends or within December.

Releasing the ?iWatch along with Apple?s potentially first phablet is a logical decision for the business side of things, but we should expect it to happen even before December or the year wraps up. Stay tuned for more updates regarding Apples wave of new products.

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