No Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release In 2017; Company To Launch 6-Inch S8 Plus Instead

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will allegedly not be released in 2017 anymore. Speculations about its cancellation were fuelled as details about the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus made its way online.

The South Korean tech giant has been known for having two flagship lines: the Galaxy S smartphones and the Galaxy Note phablets. Apart from the latter?s bigger screen size, Forbes and other publications have continuously pointed out that there is not much difference between them.

This was specifically emphasized with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and S7 released earlier this year. The two even shared identical internal hardware in spite of how the Note 7?s late launch date was hyped.

However, it was the phablet?s controversial manufacturing defect that truly raised concerns. As Samsung faced numerous lawsuits and recalled millions of units worldwide, many wondered about the Note line?s future this 2017.


Samsung Galaxy Note

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus leaked

Now, reports have come out about the company?s latest offerings: The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

According to alleged insider details released by Naver over the weekend, the new smartphone will reportedly have two variations. The S8?s standard size will be five inches, while the S8 Plus will?be flaunting a new bezel-less 6-inch display.

People have been pointing out that this will make the new S-line similar to its rival iPhones.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 2017 launch cancelled?

If rumors are true that the S8 Plus will sport a display bigger than Note 7, then it will seemingly be useless to release a new Note model.

Tech enthusiasts have been debating online that the S8 Plus?s size will make its phablet version useless. As such, the alleged leak could be Samsung?s way of hinting that the Galaxy Note 8 will no longer be released.

The company has also been struggling to clean up its reputation because of the exploding Note 7 units. If anything, this could be the main reason for them to kill the line and focus on their S-series phones.

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Nonetheless, the rumored cancellation has been purely speculative based on everything that Samsung went through in 2016. TheBitBag will continue to be on the lookout for updates on the Samsung Galaxy Note S8.

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