No Pants Subway Ride Day: Pant-less People on the Subway All Over the World

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What would you do if the person standing next to you in the train is wearing everything except his pants?

You may do a double take and look around if there are cameras, thinking you might be in some prank show but if you happened to be in New York, Beijing, Sydney, Paris or Argentina on January 12, then know that no one is trying to pull a prank on you.

No pants subway ride day 5

It’s real. That person is really going to the office (or anywhere) without his pants on.

Apparently, January 12 is No Pants Subway Ride day.

No pants subway ride dayIt’s not a holiday but it’s an annual event where people agree to go around their daily activities wearing only their underwear. If it’s the first time you’ve encountered someone without a pair of pants on, you’d think it’s absurd. But it’s not. Interestingly, this has been going on for quite a while now.

People have been going riding subway trains and walking around in the metro without their pants–regardless of what the temperature is.

Imagine how difficult it must have been to walk around in boxers or underpants in New York especially these days when a huge part of the United States is experiencing sub-zero temperatures. I can’t imagine how these people managed to survive the day.

Can you walk to the office, in freezing temperatures with just your boxers on? But I guess the more pressing question is can you bear the humiliation of being the only guy (or girl) in the office who’s half-naked?

No pants subway ride day 2That’s why it’s amazing how these people were able to summon up the courage to participate in this annual event. Props to them for managing to keep a straight face and act as if everything is normal despite the strange looks and snickers they get from people around them.

If someone does point out the fact that they’re basically naked, they’d just say that they forgot their pants and that it’s unfortunate they didn’t remember to put it on. I could only imagine if I was in the situation. I surely wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face.

You know what else is surprising? Even women took part in this funny arrangement. And some even tagged their babies along. Isn’t that cute?

The person behind this one-of-a-kind event is Charlie Todd from the group Improv Everywhere. They did the first No Pants Subway Ride in 2002 with only 7 people participating. Incredibly, they now have close to 4,000 participant and that’s in New York alone.

No pants subway ride day 3What’s funny is some participants actually wore business suits and even had briefcases and all. Todd says that amplified the effect. And it did. How would you react when you see an executive who doesn’t have pants?

There were 7 subway stops in the stunt and all those who went out without pants are going to meet up at Union Square in Manhattan. In other parts of the globe, eager individuals went pants-free. In Paris, more than a thousand people signed up. People in Buenos Aires in Argentina were in for lots of laughs because business men were only wearing flowery boxers.

No pants subway ride day 4These people are also not supposed to talk to one another. They had to act as if it was a big coincidence that so many people got up from bed and had a bout of amnesia.

This is a funny and interesting stunt. Do you think every nation should participate in the No Pants Subway Ride day?

Now that’d be one fun subway ride.


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