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No-Name Smartphones That You Need To Check Out

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Project Ara
Project Ara

Competition is tight between smartphones in our modern day. Becoming the best handset is getting increasingly difficult, and deciding which one to get is just as hard. Every big-name producer of these smartphones are striving to deliver out the best of what is currently in the trend, which sometimes, gets a bit boring though. So how do you choose a smartphone? By specs? By price? Or by the brand? If it is the latter, you need to check these out.

Brands like Apple, Sony and Samsung might be the leaders of these gadget wars, but they need to watch their backs because there are some no-name brands that can literally outmatch them on both functionality, durability and FEATURES.

OnePlus ONE

This ?one? is a smartphone made by a company which is not well-known, or at least, not yet. This is one hell of a phone that can even match Samsung?s Galaxy S5, with its powerful 2.5Ghz Quadcore Snapdragon 801 and 3GB RAM.

It is not just the sheer power that makes this smartphone shine bright. It also has CyanogenMod 11S pre-loaded on the device. This means a way more customizable Android device and it is the only smartphone to run this without requiring any user-tinkering.

The greatest thing about this handset could probably be its price. It sells for $300 more or less. This is half the price of current flagships from other well-known brands. Considering the features, build and quality you get from spending half on a phone makes you think twice about staying with the ?mainstream? devices.


If you are looking for a real innovative phone, YotaPhone might be something to check out.

“YotaPhone is the first game changer in smartphones in a very long time. Since the Apple iPhone debut in 2007, there has been very little innovation in the smartphone industry.? Says the Yota president.

So what?s so special about it? It has two screens. The main one in the front and a qVGA resolution at the back for reading eBooks specifically. It is also a feature rich phone that actually had its developers think outside the box. For a better idea of how it works, check the unboxing and review here.

Project Ara

The more popular, innovative smartphone, at least amongst the not so well-known handsets for now. Google is behind it and so it really is not surprising. What surprises the most is about Project Ara not being ?that? popular with a wider consumer base.

Project Ara is a modular phone. With a base handset being not more $50, you can personalize and tweak your phone to your liking. If you?d want to add a camera, gyroscope, gps, or anything else that most smartphones have today, it?s all up to you. This potentially saves consumers a lot of money by being able to handpick the features they only need and have a phone that can last for years.

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