No More Woof: A Device That Can Read Your Dog’s Thoughts!

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No More Woof: A Device That Can Read Your Dog’s Thoughts!

We have often wondered what ?man’s best friend? thinks. With their wagging tail and droopy ?dog-eyes?, we get the feeling that they are telling us more than ?give me a bone? and ?I don’t want a bath?.

With today’s technological advances, dog owners may just know exactly what their pooch is saying.


?No More Woof? from Sweden is an EEG gadget that can read the brainwaves of dogs that enable us humans to find out what is going on in their minds. This device is a headset like contraption that not only looks cute on our canine pets but provides us with patterns that can be mapped out to give us an idea what their thoughts are.

There have been a few technological devices that have connected us with our pets, specially dogs. One recalls a device called Whistle, which assisted dog owners in tracking the physical activity and health condition of their dogs, similar to how fitness trackers work on humans.


With ?No More Woof?, which was created by The Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery, dogs and tech have reached a new level. The creators of ?No More Woof? are no newbies to the tech industry. Their previous creation, the iRock iPad charging seat generated positive reviews and acceptance.

With this new device, they have created a comfortable headset that fits on the heads of average sized dogs that enables the owners to read and interpret brainwaves. The Society’s team has already mapped out the neural patterns that are recorded when dogs experience specific feelings ? such as hunger, being excited and when they are tired.


These brain thought patterns are then transmitted to a computer powered by a Raspberry Pi processor that translates these neural waves for the owners to let them know how their dog is feeling.

This video on ?No More Woof? shows how it works:


The Society sourced their initial funding through the crowd-funding site Indiegogo and hopes to develop their product’s complexity in the near future. They hope to map out the neural patterns for more complex feelings like ?confusion? and also to add languages to their translations. They plan to come up with devices that can translate these brainwaves to Spanish, French and Mandarin.


Backers of the initial fund were able to get a first edition of ?No More Woof? for only US$ 65 Dollars.


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