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No Man’s Sky Xbox One Release: Top 3 Reasons Why It’ll Arrive On Microsoft’s Console

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No Man's Sky Xbox One Release

A recent datamining suggested the possibility of a No Man?s Sky Xbox One release, and it?s obviously exciting information for those missing the fun on Microsoft?s console. Besides the rumors, there are more reasons why Hello Games may launch its space exploration game on Microsoft?s console. Here are the top three reasons why people might be able to play a No Man?s Sky Xbox One version soon.

The Game?s Code Says So

No Man?s Sky has been available on both PS4 and PC for a week. With that period, people have already started looking into the game?s core files, and a fan found an Xbox One data in it. The file reads ?12.Physics.HelloGames_NoMansSky_PS4_PC_Xbone.?

Is the game coming on Xbox One? If it was not intended to be available on Microsoft?s platform, then why are there such files in the game?

No Man's Sky Xbox One Release

Sean Said It All, Apparently

During an interview with Daily Star, the creator of the vast virtual universe, Sean Murray, inadvertently hinted at the possibility of a No Man?s Sky Xbox One release. Although he was probably prevented by an official from Sony from answering such questions, Murray managed to say that he was not “actually allowed to say” anything “very specific.?

It?s Sean Murray?s Game

With a team of less than 20 members, Murray has managed to have thousands of followers worldwide with his game. Sony has been actively involved in the marketing the game. However, Murray pointed out to GameReactor that while Sony has supported their title and Hello Games is grateful for their support, No Man?s Sky is not Sony?s game.

There are some more facts that should be considered which support the idea of an Xbox One release of the space exploration game. Sony has not put any console-exclusive logo on the box art of the PS4 version. The company implemented this marketing tactic with Street Fighter 5, placing a big graphic on the game?s box cover.

Though nothing is confirmed yet, the thought of playing the No Man?s Sky Xbox One version is already sending waves of excitement among Xbox One users who have been hearing a lot of buzz from their PS4 fellows. Stay tuned for updates on this news here on TheBitbag.

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