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No Man’s Sky Xbox One Knockoff? Microsoft’s ‘The Solus Project’ Closely Resembles the Game

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The Solus Project
The Solus Project

The gaming community is super excited for the forthcoming title No Man?s Sky that will be released next month, but unfortunately for Xbox gamers it is exclusive to PS4 and PC. However, worry not, since Microsoft has come up with a similar open world universe survival game called The Solus Project.

After initially being released for PC gamers back in early June, The Solus Project just recently left the Xbox Game Preview program. The single player game is an exploration and story-driven adventure with survival gameplay elements. The backstory, as detailed in the recent Xbox Wire by developers, explains that Earth is gone and so is most of the human race. The remaining few survived on a small fleet of ships near Pluto and you, as humanity?s last hope searching for a potential human colony, will reach a new planet called the Gliese-6143-C.

Your mission as developer says is explained as: ?With your team members dead and your equipment gone, you have no way of communicating or receiving help from anyone. You are completely and utterly alone on the deserted planet Gliese-6143-C. You will have to unravel the mysteries surrounding the disappearance of an ancient alien race, survive the harsh and hostile environment of the seemingly deserted planet and find a way to send a signal home, to finally save humanity.?

The game is rather simple as the developer further reveals more details. ?Very little handholding. No obvious enemies. No combat. No characters. It is just you. All alone by yourself.?

So basically, players get to explore the space on their own much like No Man?s Sky. Tech Times revealed further that the new game features a dynamic, changing environment with day and night cycles, tides influenced by the moon, plant life reacting to climate changes and natural phenomena like earthquakes, meteor showers and much, much more. It also showcases a rich and vibrant atmosphere that adversely affect one another and create a seemingly lifelike simulation of a growing ecosystem.

However, while No Man?s Sky focuses on deep space exploration where players jump from one planet to the next, The Solus Project, is limited to just one planet. Still, the game’s Gliese-6143-C planet has plenty of secrets to unlock and requires an ample amount of time before players reach the game’s end goal. The game?also contains ?10 large [and] entirely handcrafted levels to explore,? composed of five major islands separated by shallow waters and connected through an intricate network of five cave systems ? some of which are tombs.

So, if you as an Xbox owner are feeling down for not getting to play No Man?s Sky next month, The Solus Project might be the closest option you?ll get to the sci-fi exploration game.

The Solus Project is available now both on Xbox Store and Steam for $19.99.

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