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No Man’s Sky: Will The Game Disappoint?

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No Man's Sky

Hello Games? ambitious shooter of 2016, or in the past decade for that matter, No Man?s Sky, leaked earlier than its Aug. 9 release date. The leaker revealed a lot about the game including how long it takes to accomplish the ultimate goal of reaching the center of the universe, and there?s a possibility that it failed to reach some of the standards it has set.

This Reddit thread reveals how the player reached the center of the galaxy in only a few hours, or a day, to be exact. He was able to reach the center not because of a bug or a glitch per se, but because of Atlas Stones. Through them, players can easily beat the game in a day or two.

This is a big surprise for fans and players alike as Hello Games has promised to deliver a really huge galaxy to explore in No Man?s Sky, and getting to its center very quickly could mean several things.

For starters, the galaxy might not be as big as we think it is, as getting around from the end to the center can be done in a few hours. Next, if it was that easy to get to the center, then there?s a possibility that player-to-player interactions isn?t all that rare. With Atlas Stones being a big help to exploration, chances are players will bump into each other often by warping all over the place.

One of the core features of No Man?s Sky is players will be put in a huge galaxy on their own, with the promise of rarely seeing other players. If what the leaker says is true, then Sean Murray and Hello Games need to act fast and nerf Atlas Stones so that the average time to beat the game will be reduced, which could also make the entire galaxy feel bigger than it already is.

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