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No Man’s Sky Weapons: Multi-tool, Ship Weaponry, And Everything You Need To Know

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No Man's Sky

Weapons in No Man’s Sky?will come in different types. From multi-tool to ship weapons and upgrade technologies, Hello Games is bringing a lot of combat in its latest game. Whenever you run into trouble, weaponry will play a major role, and the right type of weapon will be vital for survival. Here?s a compilation of details about weapons in the game that Sean Murray and his team shared in interviews.


The weapons in No Man’s Sky?are more than just guns. They work as a multi-tool at your disposal. From scanning the objects to initiating extinction on the planet, handheld tools are important during your journey on foot. The multi-tool also helps players analyze a site for mining so their efforts won?t be wasted, Murray told Edge Magazine.

Ship Weaponry:

When not on the ground, you might get attacked by NPCs and sentinels who guard the planets. Spaceship battles in No Man’s Sky?require strong weapons. Regarding the ship weapons in the game, the studio confirmed that there will be two different weapons.

Photon Canon is the primary weapon which will be used as an alternative to Phase Beam. While exploring the universe, one can use the Photon Canon to destroy the asteroids, and it can also be used in direct combat. Phase Beam also works in the same manner. Upgrades for the two weapons will be available, but players will need to collect resources to get them.

Technology helps players upgrade the items they own. From exosuit to spaceships and weapons, players can upgrade them all. To upgrade weapons in No Man’s Sky, players will have to incorporate four technologies such as grenade, laser, projectile and scan technologies. Players can upgrade these four elements in their weaponry.

To survive in the challenging environment, one needs to make sure that they have powerful weapons, so it is important to know how to collect and use weapons in No Man’s Sky. More changes are expected from the developers as the company will launch a day one patch. Hello Games has also shared details on the update, which you can read here.

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