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No Man?s Sky: Updated Element Resource Guide and Where to obtain them!

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No Man's Sky Resources Guide
No Man’s Sky Resources Guide

No Man?s Sky involves in large part mining and micro-managing the resources in order to survive as they are needed for everything from your life support, fueling your starship to crafting weapons and much more.

These resources are not infinite and you?ll need to go out and find these specific elements and resources throughout the planet. The guide below allows players to identify the different elements and resources and what they are used for. There are simple tips on where to find these resources although deep into game, players will easily adapt and get good at identifying the resources.

Resources include five type of different element groups: Isotopes, Oxides, Silicates, Neutral and Precious, and as well the Alloys, Trade commodities, Technology components and Energy sources.

Here are all the Resources in No Man?s Sky:

Oxide Elements – Yellow

Oxide Elements are used in creation of almost anything. They also mainly boost your defensive capabilities like your Exosuit and Starship shields. Iron and Zinc are the first Oxides ? and among the first elements ? you’ll encounter in No Man’s Sky.

  • Iron (Common) – Found in almost any rock formations and on asteroids. Iron is most useful for crafting, but can also be used to feed to certain animals, charge your armor, or make a bit of cash on the galactic markets.
  • Zinc (Uncommon) – Found in yellow plants, sometimes on green rocks and even in greenish asteroids. Used to recharge hazard protection, starship shield and even in crafting different components and devices
  • Titanium (Rare) – Found in yellow crystalline formations, primarily on hot planets or in containers/cargo drops marked as Oxide. Also get it by killing Sentinels or destroying other Starships. ?Powerful recharge element that can also be necessary for certain blueprints and can be sold for a decent amount of Units.

Isotope Elements – Red

Red minerals/resources are isotopes, the most abundant resource in No Man?s Sky. The universe runs on Isotope elements. They are used to refill your Life Support gauge and fuel everything from your ship’s engines to your Mining Beam.

  • Carbon (common) – Found in most plants or bought fairly cheaply on the market. Used as fuel and energy for exosuit systems and weapons.
  • Thamium9 (uncommon) – Found in red flowering plants and in asteroids. Used for Pulse Engine recharge, Life Support recharge, Multi Tool recharge and also necessary resource for researching technology such as the hyperdrive.
  • Plutonium (rare) – Found in red crystalline structures both on the surface and (more frequently) in caves or Isotope Cargo drops. Used as a necessary fuel for Launch thrusters and energy for exosuit systems and weapons, and also it is a required resource for crafting technology.

Silicate Elements – Blue

Silicate elements are a basic building block of advanced technologies. They are used mainly for crafting and building parts for both your exosuit and the starship or even to open transmission channels for galactic trading.

  • Heridium (common) – Available in most planets in large, obelisk-like stones. Building and crafting certain spaceship and Multi-tool perks.
  • Platinum (uncommon) – Found in special blue and silver plants. Building and Crafting.
  • Chrysonite (rare) – Found in blue crystal formations on planets. Used in crafting technology and perks.

Neutral Elements – Green

Neutral elements are some of the rarest in the game and are used primarily for trading but they have use in creating valuable alloys if a crafting recipe calls for it. Early in the game, Neutral elements like Emeril and Nickel are good ways to earn easy units. Both Emeril and Nickel occur in large deposits on planets. Emeril is amber-colored and tends to be spherical, while Nickel occurs in silver-white arches, or black cylindrical towers.

  • Nickel (uncommon) – Found in asteroids and by feeding animals. Required for some blueprints.
  • Iridium (uncommon) – Found in some asteroids or on planets as rocks, typically sporting a green hue. Found in rock formations (often marked by holographic cubes) and at the core of Thamium9 asteroids. Used in blueprints.
  • Emeril (rare) – Found in rock formations on planets. Can be used in some blueprint recipes, and is one of the best resources for farming Units.
  • Copper (rare) – Found in brown asteroids or on planets as strange, floating rocks. Used in blueprints.
  • Aluminium (rare) Found on planets as white rock structures. Used in crafting perks and very valuable in market.
  • Gold (rare) Found on-planet in gold or greenish rocks, and in some asteroids as well, but both instances are very rare. Typically sold for profit.

Precious Elements – Pink

Precious elements are the rarest in No Man?s Sky. Collecting precious elements is a great way to make money in the Galactic Trading market. If you befriend animals by feeding them, they will occasionally bring you gifts of Precious elements. The most common way you’ll come into possession of Precious elements like Calium and Radnox is by buying them through the Galactic Trade terminals.

  • Calium (very rare) Found in blob-like species, can be obtained from killing certain species of animals. Valuable in trade.
  • Omegon (very rare) Rarely, a friendly animal (one you have successfully fed) will produce this element. Valuable in trade.
  • Radnox (very rare) Rarely found in certain rocks on planets. Used in some high-end upgrades or sell for high profits.


Alloys are valuable metals that you can craft from raw, Neutral elements. During your travels, you’ll learn Alloy Recipes that will help you earn money in the Galactic Trade and give you access to better and more powerful Component Units.

  • Lemmium: Heavy metal alloy. Used in freighter production. Valuable in trade.
  • Terumin: Light metal alloy. Used in trading shuttles to reduce weight.
  • Herox: Neutral alloy with a variety of uses. Valuable in trade.
  • Magmox: Lustrous alloy. Very valuable.

Technology Component

Technology Components are secondary goods crafted from raw elements or other Technology Components, according to Polygon. You start making them almost immediately in the game by crafting Carite Sheets to repair your ship.

These components go into repairing abandoned ships, building Companion Units or crafting your own Warp Cells from scratch. You start the game knowing Recipes for Technology Components like Micro density Fabric and Bypass Chips and will learn more Recipes throughout your adventures.

Energy Source

Energy Sources are dedicated batteries for your technology. Shield Shards and Plates, for example, can be used to recharge the Shield in your suit or ship. They’ll turn up in chests, and you can craft them from Recipes.

Trade Commodities

Trade Commodities are alien artifacts and products that you can sell for a substantial price in the Galactic Trade market. ?They can be naturally occurring, but are largely found in randomly occurring cargo boxes littered through No Man’s Sky ? sometimes scattered in the environments, but also regularly found near beacons and save points. Trade Commodity icons are green and their descriptions usually mention something about the race that created or uses them.

Here?s some discovered and their values (via IBTimes):

  • Korvax Convergence Cube ? 27,500
  • Korvax Casing – 27,500
  • Gravitino Ball ? 27,000 (est)
  • Albumen Pearl ? 27,500
  • Vy’keen Dagger – 20,625
  • Dimensional Matrix – 15,125
  • Grahgrah ? 13,750
  • Neutrino Module ? 13,500 (est)
  • Fascination Bead ? 12,375
  • Gek Charm ? 11,000
  • Vortex Cube –

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