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No Man’s Sky Update: Hello Games Confirms Continued Support For The Game

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no man's sky update
A new update could be in the works. [Image from official website]

Fans have been waiting for the next big No Man’s Sky update for quite sometime, and one could be coming. The biggest update for the game was the Path Finder update, which added Permadeath Mode, land-based vehicles, and a ton more new content. Subsequent updates have mostly focused on fixing bugs and making the title a much smoother experience, which fans have appreciated.

When asked on Twitter if the game would still get updates, Hello Games answered with a simple “we are.” Despite most critics thinking that the game is disappointing, many fans still enjoy the title for its ambition and originality. It will be interesting to see what type of update is coming to the game, since fans want more.

More Sky to Explore?

If this tweet means anything, it looks like we could be getting another big No Man’s Sky update fairly soon. While an E3 reveal isn’t likely, it’s good seeing more support from Hello Games after the initial disappointment from launch. The company might have overhyped the game, but they seem to be learning from their mistakes to please their fans.

Previous updates have added a Survival Mode, numerous weapon types and visual improvements among other fixtures of the game. These updates might not change opinions regarding the title, but it could interest gamers hoping to see it’s ambitions succeed. Only time will tell if that happens, but fans can be content in knowing that the game feels original and immersive.

More Updates Coming?

A new No Man’s Sky update soon seems likely as Hello Games has been spotted working on older game builds, possibly a hint that promised missing features will be brought back. However, one has to wonder how many more updates will be coming. Plenty of gamers feel that the additional content is too late, while others are willing to give it another chance. Still, when all is said and done, Hello Games will have to stop supporting it eventually and make new games.

The hype might have left some fans disappointed, but it’s not like it was the worst game ever made. It definitely suffered from over ambition. There’s no denying that it tried too hard to differentiate itself from other games. However, it at least tried to offer fans an interesting game and that will always be a respectable trait.

No Man’s Sky is available now on the PS4 and Windows PC, along with numerous updates. Gamers that were burned before might be willing to give it a second chance, now that a bevy of improvements have been made.

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