No Man’s Sky Update: All Unannounced New Features In Patch 1.03

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No Man's Sky Update

Recently, Hello Games released the new No Man?s Sky update 1.03 as its launch date is set for tomorrow. Besides patches for the game?s issues, major features have also been added to the game. These features may actually improve No Man?s Sky and allow it to accommodate a wider audience besides those seeking to explore the game?s vast procedurally generated universe.

As posted on the game?s official site, patch 1.03 adds new features that weren?t discussed in earlier announcements. The ?Three Paths? addition suggests that No Man?s Sky may have three endings, endgame states or skill trees. Open world sandbox survival crafting games like No Man?s Sky may extend their overall shelf life if players can enjoy the game beyond exploring and crafting. It actually helps that No Man?s Sky has three definite but loose game-generated goals or extra gameplay styles for players to enjoy.

Space Combat now also has bounty hunting and larger warfare which may excite fans looking for intergalactic battles. These two additions may prevent the player from just being the game?s space menace through repeatedly plundering traders and stationary Space Stations. Ship diversity has also been confirmed in this patch which may help you find an optimal ship for your combat playstyle.

Players can also now feed the procedurally generated creatures for unique benefits. Such creatures might give you resources, show you paths to rare loot, protect you from danger, and even mine resource rocks for you. Despite this taming system, it?s currently unknown if you can keep the creatures tamed throughout your travels or even bring them to other planets to help you out longer.

Additionally, finding players in the game might be easier with the new Networking and Space Station updates. Discovered planets and solar systems will also appear on your Galactic Map, allowing you to find signs of player activity and follow them if you want to meet another player. Alternatively, Space Stations now have bars and trade rooms which can help you set meet-ups with your friends in the game.

Ship inventory has also been improved. Gameplay from early released No Man?s Sky copies last week revealed that the ships are actually similar in specs, and the player character can carry more items than their ship. With the update, players can now realistically rely more on their ship to hold more cargo if ever they start farming on their ship.

Lastly, the No Man?s Sky update also confirms base building and large space freighters which can be owned by players. If this pushes through, players can make impromptu communities, cities, and even full-on player civilizations on a planet. They can even make a spaceship city if the space freighters are extremely gigantic. We?ll just have to wait and see how fast Hello Games updates the game and how players manage the game?s whole universe.

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