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No Man?s Sky update: PC Patch Notes Released 1 Month Late, Hello Games Becomes Responsive Again?

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No Man?s Sky update

There?s a very disappointing No Man?s Sky update available today from game developer Hello Games. The company still has nothing to share with fans, but they didn?t miss the opportunity to share patch notes for an update which was released a month ago on PC. The studio also said the developers are aware that people want to know about the upcoming updates and timeline for the work in progress. They also suggested fans to stay connected to the company?s social media accounts and discuss things in forums.

The social media accounts for which Hello Games is talking about have been unresponsive for more than three months. If you were expecting a response or an update from the company, the studio has you covered. They have released patch notes for No Man?s Sky update 1.09.1 for PC. In the patch notes, the company highlighted two fixes. The notes read, ?Fixed an issue causing save games to become corrupted? and ?Fixed a rare crash.?

Trolling No Man?s Sky has become a trend among gamers, and this latest update from the company has fueled them even more. But at least the studio responded. Is it an indication that the company is now in a position to release a No Man?s Sky update or bring some content patches? If you take the latest statement into consideration, the studio is working on the game. They are talking about updates and are asking fans to keep their eyes on social media platforms because the studio says, ?We would love to share specific timelines with you on what kind of updates will be released to you right now, we can only say that as soon as we are ready to share any news, you will be the first to know.?

Though the statement doesn?t confirm anything, the silence and the disappearance drama has come to an end after three months. Fans expect some announcements soon. Probably, the studio is waiting for the right time.?Sony?s statement about the game?s progress also hint that there?s hope for a new?No Man?s Sky update.

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