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No Man?s Sky Update: Next Patch Coming Soon As Fan Reception Improves

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No Man's Sky Update

Things are definitely looking better for No Man?s Sky after the months of silence has been ended by Hello Games with the Foundation update. The massive patch added a lot of improvements to the game and fans are happier with the title so far. After the increase in positive responses from fans, will Hello Games use the momentum to release the next No Man?s Sky update soon?

For three months, Hello Games kept a tight lip on what?s going on behind the scenes with No Man?s Sky. Fans were outraged with what was going and what the final product was. The game was instantly one of the most hated titles in the market, and it?s no surprise why.

Redditor ForeverANinja shares that the game has gotten an increase in better reviews over at Steam. The overall review for the game has shifted from Overwhelmingly Negative to Mostly Negative. While it?s still a bad score, it?s good to see the game finally getting better reception in only a short time after the No Man?s Sky update 1.1 launched.

No Man?s Sky Update Coming Soon?

At this rate, it?s apparent that Hello Games is finally hardpressed on working on the game. The reason the developer called it the Foundation update is that it will be the start of something better for the future of No Man?s Sky. Needless to say, bigger updates are expected to come.

It took Hello Games a couple of months to launch the No Man?s Sky update. This could be the same case for the next patch as the developer might once again take months to release it.

Hello Games has been pretty quiet as to when the next patch will come, but it could come pretty soon. Considering how Hello Games has started a good momentum going for the game, it might want to upgrade the game soon again.

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