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No Man’s Sky Update: New Game Patches For PC Gamers

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Good news for all No Man’s Sky players, especially for the PC version, as Hello Games just released a series of patches for the game. The new No Man’s Sky update is divided into three patches that focus on various bugs of the game.

Patch 1

The first patch concentrates on hardware bugs of the game. The developer has added support for various hardware that were not included earlier. Among these additions is the support for AMD Phenom processors. Hello Games have re-written their codes to make way for AMD processors. On top of this, Havok Physics also provided new libraries to support the said chip. In addition to AMD processor support, the team also made improvements on their codes to enhance the game performance for four- and eight-core processors.

The developer also made enhancements on the graphics performance of the game. They have improved maximum frame rate as well as replacing the GPU caching system thus eliminating stutter. Hello Games made a few changes to the menu system by adding a ?Mouse Smoothing? option. This will be very helpful for gamers playing below 30 FPS.

No Man's Sky portalsPatch 2 and 3

Patch 2 and 3 are centered on gameplay improvements.

Patch 2 provides solutions to frequent game crashes. Bugs like warp locking and scanning errors are now fixed. It is now impossible for a gamer to get stuck under a terrain. The developer also made sure that players will be able to save their game by preventing save files from growing in size.

In the third patch, users will now be able to load corrupted game saves. Also, players will not get stuck in space stations anymore. Players who die within a planet?s atmosphere with a damaged ship will respawn with a repaired ship or some means of repairing it.

Also in the third patch. fixes on waypoints, discoveries and blueprint collection were also made.

Hello Games has done roughly 70 per cent of the reports that they received through their support page. At the moment, they are trying their best to get the remaining 30 percent sorted out by this week.

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